Earlier this week, there was a group of protestors on campus with quite the set up outside of our Student Union Building.

While, I support free speech, I do NOT support what their speech was about.

These protestors were “pro-life.”

They camped in the courtyard with a huge display of signs. These signs had graphic images of what were supposedly aborted fetuses, compared abortion to genocide, shamed victims of rape, disregarded the bodies of women, and were based in religious principles rather than fact.

Somehow, these people found it to be their place to tell to people what they are allowed to do with their bodies. This group of people, mainly old white men, had an opinion on everyone’s uterus.

Old white men have always shamed women and tried to tell women what to do and how to use their bodies, so it was no surprise to me to see them over there. What is really disheartening is seeing women shame other women.

This group of anti-abortionists felt entitled to everyone’s bodies. The only body you are entitled to is your own.

I’ll say it louder.


When people claim to be “pro-life,” they are asserting their opinion of dominion over all womens’ bodies, whether they realize it or not.

They believe that any fertilized egg should be delivered screaming into the world. The thing is, some women have unplanned pregnancies. Some women have high-risk pregnancies. Some women are in situations where it is legitimately not feasible to raise a child.

Anti-abortionists push and push for people to give their unborn up for adoption rather than have an abortion, but where are these people when our foster care and adoption systems are filled with children waiting for a home? Where are these people when a child can not be taken care of?

Many of these people are also the same people who believe same-sex couples have no right to adopt children, because obviously homosexuality is unnatural even though homosexuality has been recognized in nearly every species on earth. But in the words of the anti-abortionist I fervently debated Monday, “That’s not what we’re talking about.”

Many people who refuse to give women a choice about their own bodies are so fixated on abortion that they fail to see anything else. They see abortion as murder but don’t see police shooting unarmed black men and women as murder. They spend all their time showing graphic photos but do not show ways to prevent pregnancy in the first place. They  vouch for adoption but don’t vouch for anyone who isn’t straight to adopt a child. They want to make abortion illegal.

In case you aren’t aware, here are a handful of reasons why that is a terrible idea.

  1. It is unconstitutional to make abortion illegal, as ruled in Supreme Court case Roe vs. Wade in 1973.
  2. Abortions would not actually stop. Instead, they would become dangerous. We’re talking shoving-an-untwisted-wire-coat-hanger-up-your-vagina dangerous.
  3. Adoption and Foster systems would be even more overrun than they currently are.
  4. This would likely lead to the defunding of Planned Parenthood. Abortions are only three percent of the many services Planned Parenthood provides.
  5. This would likely reverse the effect that economists Levitt and Dubner found when researching abortion: unwanted pregnancies were more likely to be at-risk youth, so when their prime window of crime opened, there were fewer criminals due to fewer unwanted children. Watch the video here.

The list goes on.

Just because you would never personally never get an abortion does not mean you have the right to decide if anyone else can. Being pro-choice does not mean you love murdering babies. It simply means you believe people should have a choice.

Some choices are hard, but everybody deserves a choice.



One thought on “Choice.

  1. I know the display you’re talking about! UT in Knoxville has the same one this time of year. Its history on campus is just horrible as well. My American Women’s History prof. told us that when it first appeared there were only men who manned it and that a group of women’s studies students set up a table across from them to give out real information on abortions and educated pamphlets. They were threatened by these protesters, had there pictures taken by them, and threatened that these pictures would be put online. They were told that their photos would be distributed to pro-life forums as well as their location. This was just after a doctor that worked at a woman’s clinic was killed when their information was put online.
    Your body your right is also what I live by and I can’t believe they allow that display on any campus.

    You should watch the documentary Leona’s Sister Gerri. It is an amazing and heart breaking film about the struggle of the abortion movement and a personal story about a women’s sister who died because they weren’t legal.


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