What has changed since 1991?

The Beauty Myth has not.

As we women start to be liberated the Beauty Myth rears its ugly head more and more.

The Beauty Myth is the set of unascertainable beauty standards women are expected to conform to.

The Beauty Myth has been lurking under our collective consciences since approximately the dawn of time.

The Beauty Myth is what lies behind all those tips and tricks that will make you prettier. There are countless books filled with countless numbers of beautifying regimens. Reading some of these tricks in downright hilarious. This article tests 14 different “vintage beauty tips” from the early 1900s.

Erasing freckles. Hiding ears. Plumping elbows.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

It seems as though we’ve just swapped one vice for another. (Now featuring Plastic Surgery!)

Erasing wrinkles. Hiding cellulite. Plumping lips.

The Beauty Myth will drive women to spend thousands of dollars to get The Look.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but The Look changes in the blink of an eye.

The Beauty Myth and The Look are best friends.


As women gain power and success and freedom, society, as  a whole, will scrutinize a woman  in every aspect of her appearance.

“She would look better blonde. Oh, her hair is frizzy now. Do you think it’s fried from all the bleach? Now her eyebrows are way to dark. Those brows are thick too. Better pluck those unsightly hairs. Yikes, now her forehead is red and– is that blood? Let’s wipe it off and slather some foundation on her forehead. Put it all over her face. Now, she looks cake-y. Lets wipe it off and start over. But what do we do about the hair?”

The scrutiny can make women crave The Look.

Fuck The Look.

And, while we’re at it, fuck The Beauty Myth.

We should all decide individually what beauty is to us and how we define it. Beauty is personal. Beauty should not be a mechanism to tear or beat or break women down. Beauty should be empowering.

Beauty. True beauty. It is whatever empowers you.

That is for you to decide.



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