Yesterday at lunch, the waiter called me “doll.”

A doll.

Immediately, all the Barbie dolls whose heads I pulled off as a child (don’t judge me) flashed across my mental landscape.

Barbie. The thin, blonde girl who had cone boobs before Madonna made them all the rage. The girl who, if she were real, would have to crawl because her ankles are so thin that they’d snap. The whose neck is so thin that she’d never be able to swallow even the smallest drop of water.

The plastic poster child of how every girl should look.

Thin. White. Blonde. The Mattel ideal pressed into every girl since 1959!

Even Barbie’s posse of plastic pals are thin. White. Mostly blonde.

Do you know how many girls are actually all three of those things naturally?

Very, very, VERY few.

Actual girls come in every shape and size and color. Barbie comes in one.

Look at all of the beautiful, diverse, lovely, strong, incredible women and girls on earth. Now imagine all of these women, 51% of Earth’s population, all transformed into Barbie. That’s fucking boring, isn’t it?

Diversity is what makes our world so beautiful.

Sure, Barbie is a type of beautiful.

But there are so many types of beautiful. I, personally, think everyone possesses their own unique brand of beauty.

Society makes us think that there is only one surefire way to be beautiful.

Just be Barbie.

Live out that Aqualung fantasy.

Or don’t.

Society can say whatever it wants to say. The listening part? That’s up to you.

You can listen to society’s rules for beauty. Or you can just say “Fuck it.” and rip the heads off your Barbie dolls.

The choice is yours.


One thought on “Doll.

  1. I like this post because I have the same mindset I don’t care if I’m beautiful or ugly to someone. I learned that someone is always going to think negative about you, therefore, I look at myself in the mirror and if I think I am beautiful screw everyone esle.


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